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The Monday “Featured Article” on PTD centered on nose tackles, but also touched on the importance of nickel or “slot” cornerbacks in defensive schemes that try to counter the pass so much anymore. And in that regard, Utah State senior Nevin Lawson, who will participate in the school’s Tuesday “pro day” workout session, will figure prominently.

There are a few more Aggies’ prospects, most notably center Tyler Larsen, who merit watching. But Lawson, who made 39 straight starts, is the main attraction for the scouts who attend.

There aren’t many men I trust in general more than SMU coach June Jones, one of the finest people I’ve ever met in 3 ½ decades of covering the league. If my son was a quarterback, instead of a graphics art designer, there certainly aren’t any men I would trust more than Jones to develop his talents.

There may be some hybrid “edge” prospects about whom NFL scouts still remain undecided as the draft nears, players about whom there are still questions regarding the best scheme and positional fit, but Georgia Tech’s Jeremiah Attaochu probably is not one of them.

Not after Friday’s “pro day” workout on the school’s campus.